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PPC Management Services

At TriadAd, our PPC Management Services are designed to increase website traffic and website conversions.

Our PPC Management Services

  • Account Auditing

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Competitor and Keyword Research

  • Campaign Creation

  • PPC Training and Consultation

  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Google AdWords

  • Mobile Advertising

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What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC as its often referred to is simply paid search advertising. By bidding on specific keywords a website owner can pay to have their website show up as an advertisement when someone enters that particular keyword. It is a simple way for a website owner to attract targeted website traffic and leads to their website.

Pay-per-click advertising is a quick way to get your website to the top of the search results, but it can be expensive and wholly ineffective if not done correctly. Advertisers have the ability to control how much they spend on PPC ads and can even set the amount they are willing to spend for each keyword phrase that they bid on.


Pay-per-click is a much faster way to get your website to show up in the search results than by search engine optimization. Pay-per-click advertising can bring targeted traffic to your website on a nearly immediate basis. Traditional search engine optimization takes much longer, but the results are far more lasting.

With pay-per-click , advertisers incur a charge each time someone clicks your advertisement. Each click results in a person visiting your website where you get an opportunity to sell them your products or services. PPC is a good option for website owners that are actively engaged in a search engine optimization campaign, but who need quick website traffic and don’t want to wait for the SEO campaign to show success.

Pay-Per-Click Issues

Pay-per-click advertising is not a search engine marketing component that we often recommend to clients. There are many reasons for this including the following:

The results only last as long as you’re willing to pay for the clicks. Most of us don’t have unlimited budgets. As a result we set limits on the amount we’ll bid per phrase and set a limit on the amount we’ll spend each day. Once your bid falls below other bidders or you reach your daily limit your website stops showing up in the results.

Click fraud happens when a person or a computer clicks a pay-per-clic ad and pretends to be a legitimately interested party. You might wonder why someone would do this? There are many reasons, but here are a few to consider:

  • Competitors might click your ad so that you incur the expense and/or to get your website off the top of the results. By varying their IP address and using a host of other deceptive practices they can ruin your PPC campaign.
  • Adsense revenue can drive website owners to engage in click fraud. Google allows website publishers to place Google ads on their website. This program is called Adsense for content and is a big part of Google’s advertising network. Website owners earn 68% of the value of the click that happens on their website. If the cost-per-click is $10, then the website owner would earn a whopping $6.80 for fraudulently clicking that link. Now, keep in mind that Google has sophisticated tools to help decrease the likelihood of this happen, but an estimated 27% of all clicks are fraudulent. How’s that sound to you?
  • Increasing the cost-per-click (CPC) is another reason that fraud happens. People that earn money off PPC advertising have a vested interest in seeing the cost-per-click rise. Simply put, higher cost-per-click values equate to more earnings for those getting a share of the CPC. Who wouldn’t rather have 68% of $20 vs. $10?

Google and others work hard to prevent click fraud from happening, but not as hard as they could – in our opinion. To really fight this type of fraud would drastically decrease earnings, thus there’s not a lot being done. Instead, pay-per-click advertisers are left to use outside parties to help them manage this type of fraud. This further complicates the process and adds a lot of extra time and work to managing this kind of campaign.

With that in mind, we rarely ever recommend this form of advertising. It’s a costly, short-term solution to a need better solved through search engine optimization and other forms of promotion.

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