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Six Tips for Using Anchor Text Effectively

///Six Tips for Using Anchor Text Effectively

Six Tips for Using Anchor Text Effectively

Anchor text is defined as the clickable word(s) found in a hyperlink. It’s also synonymous with “link label” and “link title”.  Anchor text are the words used to introduce a linked page to your viewers.

Your web page is going to be seen by at least two different audiences.  The principal audience is normally a website visitor who clicks the anchor text they find on a web page. Your second audience is going to be search engines.  In this instance a search engine will investigate a links anchor text and compare it with the writing found on the webpage, the web pages url, page Meta description tag along with other factors.

Every time you create a webpage, you must focus on the web site visitor but always remember that web page must also be appealing and easily understood by the major search engines.

Accordingly, if you make use of “click here” for anchor text, then you have neglected a chance to illustrate that your particular site relates to a specific keyword phrase about your business. This article discusses six guidelines for using anchor text.

Tip #1: Keyword Research is Crucial

Before you are able to establish what keywords and phrases to make usage of in your anchor text, you really have to put a lot of time into keyword and key phrase research. Just imagine if you knew how competitive a search term is then you’ll understand that ranking for the core search time might take a bit longer.

On the contrary, whenever you add a adjective or modifier to your most important keyword or phrase, then you could get ranked for the long tail term in less time. For example, ranking highly for the keyword “insurance” would take a very long time, however ranking for a location specific keyword or phrase like “Winston Salem insurance” .

Tip #2: Inbound Links Should Include Keywords

Inbound links are hyperlinks contained on some other web site which link to your web site. To rank better in the various search engines, you need lots of backlinks.

Beneficial inbound links must include keyword phrases within the anchor text. An example of effective anchor text for an online marketing and search engine optimization business website might be “Contact for Search Engine Optimization“.

Here the focus is search engine optimization, hence that type of keyword inside my anchor text.

You need an array of inbound links, hence you will want to alter the hyperlink anchor text which you implement. In some cases I could choose to promote internet marketing, web site design, city-specific Search Engine Optimization or a broad range of additional keywords that explain my business.

Tip #3: Internal Hyperlinks Count Too

On the list of most confusing parts of search engine optimization is nomenclature. There are many terms that describe links to a web page. External links, internal links, inbound links, backlinks, hyperlinks, cloaked links, spam links and hidden links are just a few of the phrases used to describe links to a webpage.

Although there are many types of links, for now I’m talking about internal links. Internal links are those links that are found on ones own web pages.

For internal hyperlinks you should follow the same methodology and select anchor text for the internal links – meaning you need to inform the reader about the written content found on the web page and introduce the topic to the major search engines.

When the reader clicks the link “Winston Salem insurance”, they’re going to anticipate finding articles and other content about the exact same subject. Search engines operate in a similar fashion. When a website is indexed by the search engines database, the sites internal links are also captured.

That said, it only makes sense to use relevant, keywords and phrases in your internal anchor text. This approach is much better than using non-specific anchor text like “click here”.

Tip #4: Don’t Hide Those Links

When working with a web site developer, be sure to request visible hyperlinked text. In almost all cases that will mean using an underscore for your links located on web pages.

Good web developers are going to use cascading style sheets (CSS) to format your webpages. Among the nice features of CSS is that you can develop links without an underscore. Even though links without an underscore could be pretty, non underscored links aren’t user friendly.

Don’t forget, site visitors scan pages; if your mission is to get the website visitor to click on your linked anchor text, then don’t make him hunt for the anchor text.

Tip #5: Include a Call to Action in Anchor Text

What is a call to action? It is an expression used to describe getting a website visitor to take a specific action like; purchase something; create an account; download something or take any other action deemed necessary. Clearly this is vital if you are selling or marketing a product or service on the internet.

Given that the majority of calls to action include a link, it only make sense to feature relevant keywords in the anchor text use. On this web site we might use anchor text like “affordable Winston Salem SEO services” instead of “Contact Us.”

Tip #6: Shorter is Better

Don’t use a whole sentence or paragraph as linked text. Period.  All you’re trying to do is introduce a site visitor or search engine to a topic.  Shorter anchor is more natural and generally encourages a person to click the link.  Long anchor text can even look spammy to search engines – which could get you penalized if done excessively.  So, keep it short.

Want help with you website’s anchor text and backlinks?  If so, then contact one of the experts at our Winston Salem SEO Company.  Notice the anchor text used there?


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