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Winston Salem Web Design

At TriadAd, we build websites that look great, rank well and convert website visitors into customers.

Winston Salem Web Design Companies are not difficult to find. A quick Google search reveals that there are many options from which to pick. Whether that’s good news or bad news depends largely on how much you know about evaluating and selecting a firm or individual to help you with your project.

Here we’ll discuss the local market and give you some hints about what to look for when searching for this type of service.

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Winston Salem Web Design: Looks Aren’t Everything

Most designers are great at making things look pretty.  They often use fancy, cutting edge technology to add lots of glitz and glamour to a website which they hope will impress site visitors and keep them on a site longer.   Seems like a great strategy, but looks aren’t everything.

Websites must be built so that search engines can easily find them, index them and rank them for targeted and relevant keyword phrases.  Otherwise, there’s no real need to build a website.  The fact is all organizations that have a site need targeted, relevant traffic.  Yes, all organizations need this.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell a product or service, get new church members, spread a message or distribute information – you need site visitors to reach your goals.

As a result, it’s critical that websites be designed to rank well in search engines, look good enough to get people to stay on your site and get them to take whatever action you deem necessary (fill out a form, buy something, etc.).  Doing this requires someone that really understands search engine optimization and how to convert site visitors into customers, members, etc.

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Web Design Tips

Following are a number of things that should be considered when designing and building a website:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Know what your goals are for your website and make sure that your site is designed to help you reach those goals.  Be sure you know what keyword phrases are important to your organization and make sure that the website is optimized for those keyword phrases.
  • Technology – The technology used to build a website needs to work in all major web browsers, must load quickly and should not require a person to download an application in order for them to view your website properly.  Seems like a basic concept, but there’s at least one local designer I know of whose website is built using Microsoft Silverlight – a 200MB application that’s not found on most computers.  Who wants to have to do that?
  • Mobile Search – Depending on the type of organization you run, it may be critical for your site work well when viewed on a mobile phone or another such device.  Any organization that relies on local customers (restaurants, retail shops, churches, etc.) need to have a site that works well on mobile devices.  Local search is becoming more and more prevalent since virtually all consumers have search enabled mobile phones.
  • Conversion – Websites need to convert site visitors into customers, prospects and/or members.  How effectively you do this depends largely on the design of the site.  Most websites should have a clearly defined “call to action” on them.  The call to action might be a “form” to complete, a “contact us” button, a download button or any number of other things.  Notice that our site has a button like that just below this article.
  • Analytics – Be sure to include analytics software when building your site.  This will allow you to see exactly how people are finding your website and know what they’re doing while on your site.  The information gleaned from your analytics data is invaluable.  We recommend Google Analytics – which is a free service available through Google.
  • Portfolio – Check to see if the Winston Salem web design company has a portfolio of past work for you to review.  Make sure that you do more than look at the design.  Check to see if the sites rank well for their targeted keyword phrases.  If not, then you’ll want to find out why before you decide to have them develop your Winston Salem Web Design.

If you need a Winston Salem web design company then please contact us.  We’d be more than happy to demonstrate our skills at designing a website that drives targeted traffic to a website. is proudly based in Winston Salem, NC.  We provide a wide range of digital services for local, regional, national and even international customers and clients.  Given our location, we frequently work with clients from the surrounding areas like Greensboro, High Point, Mount Airy, King, Charlotte and Statesville in counties like Forsyth, Stokes, Guilford, Davidson, Davie,  Yadkin, Rockingham and Surry.  We have worked extensively in fitness, health and wellness company marketing, attorney marketing, attorneys websites,  Winston Salem SEO,  Winston Salem churches and much more.

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